Est. 2008

501 c (3) Non-Profit Corporation
ROC IV kicked off with Hat Trick taking the stage in the Jaeger Hall and with the help of Mike and Kevin from
Pro Son Rentals, they filled the Biergarten with some great music! Larry, Barry and Ron are one hell of a band,
they bring their A Game every time, and today was no exception.  Hat Trick set the tone on what would be a
great day! Thank you guys again, see you next year!

After Hat Trick was the return of Crash N Burn and as they did a year ago, CNB had the Biergarten alive and
well, as they played Classic Rock Hits from the 60’s to today! Mike and the guys, and Dorann, have really
grown as a band and from all the guys at ROC Inc, we can’t thank them enough for all they have done for us.!
CNB ROC’s! \m/

Next to the stage was Guilty Pleasures with special guests Nick E Luv from LI’s Legendary Flahj and guitar
extraordinaire Ralph Carbone.  Added a month or so before the event after months of rumors, well it was worth
the wait! Guilty Pleasures alone are a tight band with experienced players that play the party hits and rock the
house, but with Nick assisting on vocals and Ralph’s addition on guitar, they were phenomenal!  All those
years on the shelf and Nick still delivered!  Much thanks to all the members of GP and look forward to seeing
them at ROC V!

After Guilty Pleasures we had a return of a very special guest, Erica Finnegan, a 7-year-old cancer survivor.
She was diagnosed with cancer at 10 months of age, thru some tough times she prevailed and is cancer free.
Like the previous year she told her story and then sang Justin Beiber’s “Pray”, with Mike from CNB assisting
on guitar.  Pro Sound was able to have Erica and Mike outside so more people could see and hear her story
and song.  It was a memorable moment and available on Youtube:
v=daLTAluRCL4.  Hopefully Erica will return next year and we can have her on the big stage so ALL can hear
her story of Hope! She is a true miracle!

After the eyes dried and the cheers for Erica finished, Danny and Dwayne from Mixxed Company jammed with
Rob Vetrano and Mike Ochoa as Exit 62.  Veterans of the LI Rock Scene the guys delighted the crowd with
past and present rock hits by such bands as Night Ranger, Van Halen and even George Michael, great job
Danny (Your cousin James couldn’t believe you pulled it off!).  Exit 62 delivered and are welcomed back
anytime! Thank you guys!

The last act of the night was Modern Justice, and they finished the night off perfectly!! Anthony and the guys
complement to Anthony’s vocals.  They are true professionals at their craft, they get the crowd’s attention and
run with it! Thank you guys so much and we look forward to seeing you guys at ROC V as well!

Rock Out Cures would like to thank the following:

Matt and Everyone at the Plattduetsche, Pipe Dream Products and Nick Orlandino, W. Grant & Sons, Stoli,
John Reese & Clare Rose, Liberty Fence, Doug Z. Goodstein (Howard TV On-Demand), Nico Lock, Elite
Mason, Prestige Elevator, Inc., Roland and Shaller & Weber, Mike & Zenith Party Productions, The
International Wine Gallery, A&S Bagels, South West Airlines, Green Mountain Coffee, La Bottega Floral Park,
EBCO, Chris & Jeff from Croxley ale House, Gonzo’s Mexican Grill, Ralph & Wholesale Direct, Geico, Tattoos
by Cin, AC Appraisal Inc, Scott Lindquist, Nass Toys, Two Guys Auto Collision, Brock’s Deli, Gar Labs, ST
Distributing, K&W Liquors, Da Best Carting, Costanza Supply Inc, SOI-Strategic Outsourcing Inc, HUB
international, AJ Jersey Inc, Conover Beyer Associates Inc, JSP Pacific Group, Adnet Media-XBIZ, California
Exotic Novelties, Great Western Packaging LLC, Mike Warner, REX Oriental LTD, 360 Labs, Climax Holdings
LLC, Allure-Lingerie, Newark Knight Frank, Milrose consultants, Cascone & Kluepfel LLP, Healthy & Active,
Cerussi & Gunn, Oceanville Mason Supply, J&M Ready Mix, Manesh Daryanani, Rose & Jason Tsai, CMD &
Partners, DLB Purchasing, Costanza Ready Mix, Simon Nan, DF Allen & Co, the Moskowitz Family, Marriot
LA/ Burbank Airport, Lisa Scuteri and the GC Hotel, Burt Young and Michelle Mayer.

And lastly James, Tommy, Gino, John, JP, Nick and myself we want to thank everyone who came to ROC IV
and made the event such a success.  Thanks for all the support, help, donations and generosity!  As I have
said in the past, we are very lucky to have such great people in our lives! Till the next event be well!